Our Promise to You

Here at Love Gemma & Co, we want to constantly improve our environmental impact on the world. As on online business we already do a lot of harm to the business, through fuel and packaging however, we are determined to reduce this down as much as possible. 

Our promise to you is to reduce our impact on the world, even if it is something small. 


Below is details on what we are trying to do to reduce our footprint. 

Let's face it, our packaging is a big part of our products, it's what gets it to your safely but we need to think about the impact this has. Therefore, we promise to use as much recyclable material as possible. We currently already use cardboard boxes, brown recyclable tape and recycled bubble wrap which can be recycled again. We are looking at cutting out our plastic sleeves and packaging we use, but this may take us a little while to do. 

Due to use wanting to reduce out packaging, we don't use fancy pre-printed boxes and try and not include anything that will just end up in a bin, if we can email it to you we will. We are looking to soon go invoice-less but we need to first make sure the correct process for this is in place. 

We also reuse as much packaging as you can, this means any plastic you do find in your parcel will almost definitely be us reusing it from our suppliers. Did you know, you can also send your non-recyclable packaging back to us? WELL YOU CAN. Simply pop in back to us, via the address on your invoice (or ask us for it), in the packaging we sent it in and we can reuse/recycle it for you! P.S. if you do this we will refund the amount it cost you to send it to us and provide you with a discount code to use on our website as a thank you. 
Let's be sensible though, if it all can be recycled please just pop it in your recycling bin, provide us with proof and we will send the discount code to you as a thank you for being environmentally friendly. 

Our Wood
You may have noticed that for a lot of our products we use MDF or Plywood to create them, but we have done our research and make sure all our wooden products are produced from FSC approved sources and we take to our suppliers to make sure we also get the best quality for this. 

Any offcuts we have we either save to use again or make sure it is given to the relevant sources to be able to be broken down and reuse elsewhere. 

This isn't something you think about on a daily basis but sadly slavery is still very much a thing is places outside the UK. We make a very big effort to buy local supplies from UK companies who have their own ant-slavery policies in place. However, sometimes our supplies either import from outside the UK or we have purchase something outside the UK, if this does happen we make sure that the employees working at that company are paid a fair wage and are working in clean, professional and safe premises. 

Not only this, but as an employer we make sure we pay our employees way above national minimum wage so they have a good and healthy life. 

As a promise to you, our future plans are to continue to support small businesses, reduce our waste and help fight the impact we are having on the environment. We are continuously looking to improve our business practices and will continue to do this for as long as we are in business.