World Earth Day

As per, I am a day late releasing something, but I thought this was important and couldn't just be forgotten about. Yesterday was World Earth Day, which is a day normally there to celebrate how special Earth is. This year felt a bit weird, because of the dreaded C-Word, but the earth is still there, and is still beautiful and still needs looking after.

I thought I would write a quick post about what we are currently doing to help tackle Global Warming and Climate Change. 

1) As a company I use a lot of wood, as in most of my product contain some element of wood, which means as a business owner I have taken measures to make sure that I am using wood from sustainable sources. I found a company who makes sure all the wood they sell is FSC approved. This means that although they are cutting down trees they are also replanting trees and making sure they are planting more than they are cutting down.

2) Packaging. It's a big part of getting our products to you safely but we have changed a few things in the last year or so to make sure that you can recycle as much as possible:

- Cardboard boxes, we try not to use any plastic in our packaging so most of our packaging is made from cardboard which can be easily recycled.

- Packaging tape, we have changed from plastic tape to brown paper tape, which is just a sturdy but means you can also recycle it!

- Reusing packaging, some of our supplies haven't yet got onto the bandwagon of using recyclable packaging. Therefore where possible we will make sure we either recycle this via the proper channels or we reuse so it has more than just one life cycle. 

- We are in the process of changing some of our suppliers so that we don't have so much 'waste' when it comes to receiving products

- Bubblewrap. We need to use bubblewrap as a protective element however our bubblewrap is currently made using recycled products. We are looking to change this as we discovered the bubblewrap isn't recyclable everywhere so when we have run out of our supply we will be changing to paper bubblewrap!

3) We try and only drive to the studio when needed, so if I am having an admin day, I will remain at home rather than go to the studio, to try and decrease my footprint

4) Suppliers. We are now only working with suppliers who are taking Global warming as seriously as us. This requires more time finding new suppliers and also does cost a touch more but we like to know that the companies we are associated  with are also being responsible. 

I know there is probably a lot more we can be doing as a company but for now we are making small steps to making the planet a better place to live. Would love to know what you're doing to help Earth? 


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