When did housework become so appealing?

Getting into a new routine is always hard, as humans we aren’t actually very good with change, no matter how much we preach about change being good. In reality we actually really struggle with even the smallest change in our routine. As someone who loves a routine I have found getting used to working at home much harder than I anticipated, who knew my house had so many distractions that I would rather do, like the HOUSEWORK. When on earth did that seem so appealing?

Honestly, I have never been so motivated to clean the house before, something I never thought I would say. Adjusting to working from home has been a BIG change for me, I normally get highly distracted in the office, so you can only imagine how little work I have actually managed to get done this week. We are, however, in this for the long haul and therefore I have decided to make myself a bit of a routine, so that my days don’t completely fall apart. 

Have you made a new routine for yourself or are you free falling?

I also want to make clear that my routine is going to be pretty vague, I beat myself up a lot if I have to do something but don’t have much motivation with getting it done, I have however put a template together so that if you wish to create a small amount of routine in this crazy new life we are having to get used to then it is all yours. Please bear in mind that I do not have children and therefore my routine is pretty easy to muster up, I am in awe of the parents who are now suddenly home-schooling with no qualifications as well as keeping their businesses / jobs alive. You guys are incredible. 

So let’s talk routine. On a normal day in the office my routine tends to look a bit like this:

6:30am - wake up, let dog out and feed him

7:00am - make breakfast, drink water, have a cup of tea if we have milk in the house (9/10 we don’t)

7:30am - shower time

8:00am - walk the dog for half an hour

8:30am - leave to go to the office (drop Oz at his work on the way)

9:00am - arrive at work, log onto website and platforms and print any orders

9:15am-4:00pm - design, make, assemble, pack and process orders, deal with enquiries, check emails, if small amount of orders start designing new products, update website etc etc (all the stuff that comes with running a business)

4:15pm - process post run and get post ready for collection 

4:30pm-5:00pm - work on business admin, wait for postmen to collect parcels

As you can see, normally I run a pretty tight ship with myself; in fact my partner (Oz) always say I have too much of a routine. I am the kind of person who hates being late, even to menial things like walking the dog. The majority of my day though is working on orders, you would be surprised how no matter how many orders I have to process they always seem to take me the same amount of time to process them. 

Therefore working from home has been a hard adjustment as I don’t have any orders to process most days and therefore my body has reacted by entering weekend mode, almost permanently. Instead of working on all the things that can be done at home (with is pretty much everything other than orders), I have just been pottering around the house, cleaning, organising, watching tv and reading, which obviously is fine to do, but we are in the second week of lockdown now and I am starting to get a little bored and also stressed that I have done ZERO work. 

I know that my routine isn’t going to be able to be as strict as my in office one, mainly because I might as well enjoy some of the down time, I won’t be able to take this much ‘time off’ for a long time yet, so this is what I am hoping my new routine will look like:

9:00am - up, dressed and ready to go

10:00am - make sure dog has been walked and breakfast has been tidied up

10:30am - 12:30pm - work on business; new products, blog posts, social media, website admin etc etc

12:30pm-1:30pm - stop for a proper lunch break

1:30pm-3:30pm - continue working, maybe something creative for the afternoon, create to do list for next day

3:30pm onwards - enjoy the downtime, reading, painting, being in the garden, cleaning the house etc

I am hoping this way I can get some work done, but also not put too much pressure on work ‘all day long’ as I know I won’t be able to manage this in the long run. 

So let’s talk about the planner I have designed for you. There are in fact two planners, because you can never have enough. One is a Weekly ‘Work From Home’ Planner and the other is a Daily ‘Work from Home’ Timetable. I have left the design pretty simple so the you can add your own things in and have complete control. For the weekly planner, I have set it up so you can enter the day, the 3 main things you need to complete (so you stay focused) and then ‘other things’ that could be done that say. I would recommend the 3 main things are the big tasks that will take a while to complete and the other things to be used as breaks from the big things, as we all need a break from doing the same thing every now and again. In the daily planner this will allow you to break you day down into a more comprehensive to do list or a schedule for you to stick to. 

To download these all you need to do is click the dropbox link below and you will have access to the folder. I know I know, I should probably get you to sign up in order to get it, but honestly I find those so annoying personally and I never update my newsletter anyway!

Dropbox Link

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