Welcome to the brand new collections!

Hey everyone!

After a long old break, I am finally back and with TWO new collections (let's enjoy the fact it was supposed to be three, that one is coming next week!)

From now on, the Love Gemma & Co releases will be done in collections, every month I will release between 1-3 collections and throughout the month I will be dropping hints and clues via social media!

If you sign up to our newsletters you will also get early access to all the new collections (expect for this first one as the website wasn't open until it opened!)

Let's talk about this month's collections!

The Pink Collection


I never used to be a lover of pink, but I actually discovered it was the bright pink that I didn't like and all the colour around that I LOVE (as you can probably tell from the website and other products)

The Pink collection is as you might have guessed ALL about pink and I blooming love it. There are currently prints and cards with motivational quotes on them and some of the designs include and canvas design I made myself (the original is also up for sale if anyone is interested, first come first serve though!)

The Girl Power Collection

As a female, girl power is super important to me, so I wanted to make a range which represented the powerful side of females - to celebrate them in all their glory. The prints and cards included in this section are some of my all time favourite designs and I already have them framed ready to put in my new office (when it is ready!)

We all need a little girl power in our life, so make sure to shop the collection here.

The other collection that was supposed to be realised is The Romance Collection which will now be available on 17th May 2021!

Hope you love everything!

Speak soon


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