My Favourite Halloween Traditions 2020

Halloween is TOMORROW? Who's excited?! 

Bit of a controversial statement, but in previous years I did not enjoy Halloween; I am not sure why, it just wasn't for me, I never got the buzz that always appeared around it - specially the actual day. 

But for some reason this year I am really feeling it, I am pretty sure it is because of Covid and the fact I feel very disconnected from the world. This year I even painted my own pumpkins (you will see them further down). So this blog post I thought I would share some of the traditions I have loved seeing. 

First up, Pumpkin Picking
I have never actually done this but I always love seeing this on everyone's social media feeds. One day I will do this myself, I am sure and it will be magical, and autumnal (I love a cosy vibe!)

Pumpkin Picking in the UK

Image Source: Country Living Magazine

2. Trick or Treating
This is one of the things I didn't like the most about Halloween, it might have something to do with the fact I wasn't allowed to do it as a kid - but it is a little different this year and I have really loved seeing and hearing all the fun ways people are going to be making is special this year! Some are having Halloween parties with just their family, others are planning sweet hunts around the garden - it will be so magical for all the kids due to the amount of effort everyone is putting in!

Image Source: Somerset Live

3. Pumpkin Carving / Decorating
I have to say, I do tend to do this every year but I am awful at it, so this year I decided I must be better at painting them, right? Yeah, definitely not BUT I did love it so much; it was the best fun and I definitely think I will be keeping this tradition!

This is my terrible attempt this year!

4. Cute Halloween Costumes

This must be one of the best traditions right? Cute Halloween Costumes. I am here for that. Specially those on babies; and the people I follow on social media seem to be all for dressing their babies up and I love that! Do you think Royce would let me dress him up (he is a dog, not a child!)

Image Source: Today's Parent

And finally, 5. Halloween Make Up

Is it just me who finds make up videos so satisfying to watch? I love them. I am rubbish at make up (in fact, I can't remember the last time I actually put any on?) but these videos always bring me joy. Halloween make up videos always shock me because of how talented everyone is! Do you like watching make up videos?

Image Source: Popsugar

What are you favourite Halloween Traditions? I would love to know.

See you soon!

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