Time Management while having a Day Job

I will speak about Time Management when you’re self-employed in our next blog. However, it’s a whole different kettle of fish when you’re running your side hustle alongside a full or part time job (after all, bills have to be paid!). I have spoken to many business owners who feel like they are in a constant battle with not having enough time to get everything done, but also not earning enough money to be able to give up the job, which in turn causes them to not have enough time to progress the business so find themselves constantly in this cycle of trying to make the business work, while paying the bills but not having enough time to truly progress with their passion.

This is where time management makes all the difference. It is possible to have a job and run a business, it is hard work but it is possible.

Lots of other blogs will give you advice like: schedule every hour of your day, stop procrastinating, focus on what’s important, declutter your surroundings / life but from experience it is all well and good saying ‘okay, I’ll do that’ and then finding yourself under a pile of paperwork, scrolling through facebook wondering how it all went wrong. You have to be realistic with your planning, the methods below may now work for perfectly for you, but you can take tips from each section. If you know you don’t work well with to-do lists then don’t write one, find something else that makes you get organised. I am going to highlight some of my favourite options. 


If you’re going to go down the schedule, schedule everything; not just a couple of things. No matter what business you run, making sure your newsletters, blog posts, social media and Pinterest are all scheduled is SO important. If you plan for the month ahead then you can schedule in everything you need for that month so that your business doesn’t have ‘dry spells’ because you had a hard day at work and needed a bath rather than spending hours writing a blog post to release the same day. 

Apps such as Preview, Tailwind or Mailchimp are perfect for this. 

I try and do my scheduling a month in advance so that I can take advantage of any National Days, rather than panicking because I haven’t thought about what to do for World Kindness Day. I then use things such as stories on instagram to talk about ‘breaking news’, items that I couldn’t have planned in because they have only just happened (e.g. Royal Baby)

Having a Plan

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a plan, by this I mean a ‘business' plan, in 5 years time where do you want to be? It does help to have a proper business plan drawn up by a professional, but a general plan of how you see your business progressing will help you as well. Knowing where you want to get to will help you plan, schedule and organise your time. It can be as simple as ‘doing what you love’ or ‘giving up your day job’ or ‘creating and dominating your area’, whatever it is, PLAN IT. Write it down, stick it on the wall, remind yourself of this consistently and only do what helps you get to that goal. 

It might help to create a 1 year, 5 year, 10 year plan so that you can narrow down and really focus on certain things at certain times. 

As well as having a business plan, you need to create a plan for a week by week basis, one of the biggest mistakes I see in people trying to plan is that they don’t think about the here and now, only the distance future. If you don’t think about what needs to happen on a day-to-day basic, you will get stuck in a never moving position and never be able to reach your goals. 

Think about how long you want to work each day, how many days a week (fit it around your lifestyle), what needs to be done every week to keep the business going, what one thing you’ll do that will process your business etc. 


One thing I always find people doing, is trying to do everything all at once because everything on their to do list is important. Yes, of course it is. But if you don’t prioritise what needs to be done first and last then you will find yourself burnt out by the end of day 1. 

Look after yourself

You’re probably heard about ‘self-love’ before, everyone is talking about it and how important it is, but it is even more important if you’re working and running a side hustle. Believe me when I say it is okay to have a day off, don’t feel guilty or like a failure because looking after you is the best thing for your business. 

Book a spa day, go see friends or just sit in front of the TV with junk food for an evening and let your mind and body unwind. There is nothing worst than trying to be productive when you are burnt out. 

You’re doing amazing and you should be go proud. Go and reach your dream your wonderful, wonderful person.

Come back again on Thursday to read the blog about Time Management when you’re self employed!

Your cheerleader, Gemma

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