The Perfect Movie Night

With the cold nights drawing in and people sending more time inside (well, that should be the case, but let's fact it this year everyone has been able to spent more time inside); the best thing I find to do is cosy up and have a movie night. 

In my family, me and Oz take movie night very seriously - if you have been around a while, you will know that we are BIG fans of the cinema and of film in general - and when I posted the below photo my Instagram blew up a little, I had DMs left, right and centre asking about all the details in it and then I had to genius idea of doing a blog post about what consider to be the perfect movie night. 

So, here is a list of things I believe you need for the perfect movie night:

- A GREAT Film, I will be doing a blog post soon about my favourite films of all time, but one we have watched recently that I love is Enola Holmes (on Netflix)

- Popcorn

- Nachos

- Hot Dogs (with ketchup and mustard OBVIOUSLY)

- Salsa & Dips

- BIG cinema sized drinks; preferably something a little naughty like Coke or Lemonade

- A packet of chocolate (we normally go for Minstrels so we can add this to the popcorn)

- At least 2 blankets

- Cushions

- A scented candle or two or three or four....

- A large screen to watch the film on (TV, Projector etc)

For me, all of these things come Gluten free, which means I don't have to worry about upsetting myself and can still have the most perfect night. 

This may seem like A LOT but trust me it is so worth it, trust me!

While me and Oz are getting everything ready we put on the Odeon theme in the background (this is our local cinema, you can find their intro here

Once we have collected everything together, we put it all on our coffee table, put the film in / find it on the streaming service we are using, jump under the blankets and have the best time!

One of the things we have found that really helps us get into the movie mood is to dim the lights and close the curtains, it makes it feel extra special (we are lucky enough to have some low light lamps in our living room which really add to the ambience. 

WARNING: Shameless plug coming right up. If you really want to add to the whole vibe of the movie night, then this print below makes the perfect addition, don't you think? (told you ;))

Talking of small business, I have listed below some small businesses to get some of the perfect items for your movie night (shamefully nothing in my photos is from small businesses, but I am working on it!)

Chunky Knit Blankets - Lauren Aston Designs

Popcorn - Joe & Seph

Chocolate  - The Slabb

Sweets - Holly's Lollies

Cushions - Elm Tree Studio

I have also set up a Pinterest Board which I add to regularly about The perfect Movie Night, see here.

If you decide to have a movie night because of this blog post, please hashtag #lovegemmaandco I would love to see your cosy night's in!!

Details for the items in the photos are below (none of these are ads or gifted, but I like to share details):

Candle, Popcorn Bowl, Iridescent Glasses are from Tesco

Coffee & TV Unit table is from Ikea

Sofa is from Snug Sofa

Blanket & Cushions are from Dunelm

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