The perfect gallery wall

It feels SO good to be back to blogging, this time I am keeping it a little bit more realistic, so for now it will be a monthly thing, with the hopes as I get back into it I will want to up it more. 

So let's get started! With the release of our new prints (see here), I wanted to talk about making the perfect gallery wall, because let's face it no home is complete without one! 

We have LOADS in our house and they are all so different which is why I wanted to create a post. A gallery wall doesn't have to be massive, it can just be 3 prints and can make a massive impact on your life. 


Here are my top tips for creating a gallery wall for whatever house you are currently in. 

1. PLAN - the most important 
So you've brought some prints or are thinking about buying some prints, if you don't plan then you're going to fail. There are certain things you need to plan before even thinking about putting anything on the wall. 

- Make sure you measure the wall space and plan where in your house you're going to add the prints 

- Do you want all the prints to be the same size, same frames, in a line or more free style?

- Measure! Make sure you measure the prints, the gaps between the prints - E V E R Y T H I N G

- Cut some paper up in the size of the prints and tape them to the wall to see how everything will look

- Place the prints on the floor and organise to find the perfect orientation for the prints you have, unframed and framed. 

Have you discovered Pinterest? if not, where have you been? If you ever need inspiration then use pinterest, it is amazing. I highly recommend. Type in 'Gallery Wall' so much inspiration comes up, but if there is a certain style you're after then using more niche keywords to refine your search. I have a board I use for inspiration, see here.


You may have the prints but they will only work if the colours work alongside each other. Sadly, in my opinion anyway, if the colours don't work together then the prints will never look right. This includes finding the right colour frames for the prints.



Now, let's get realistic, just for a second. Most of the images you will see on Pinterest or Instagram or wherever aren't always realistic and may not always work in your home. Make sure you don't get too involved in one idea, be open to it not working so that you can create something perfect for your home. 

As long as you plan you should be fine! 


And finally, my last piece of advice, NO NAIL TAPE. This changed my entire life. No more making a mess of the walls and it can be removed whenever you change your mind about a print. LIFE CHANGER. 

Now GO, go have fun making the best gallery walls that ever existed. 

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