The Brand New Canvas Collection is Here

Hello, welcome, thank you for coming by!

After a long await, the canvas collection is here and I am so excited to show you around. 

Let's talk about some technical things first!

The original canvases are one-offs, there is literally only ONE of them and it will be first come first serve so don't take long deciding! These are at a much higher price point that my usual items and I appreciate these cannot be in everyone's price range so please don't put yourself out if you can afford something, I have a couple of options for you:

- Digital Prints: all the original canvases (minus the extra large canvas) are available as digital scanned in versions which are priced at my standard print price meaning you can get the art without the massive price tag

- Commissions: There is nothing quite like an original canvas for your walls, so if you do want an original but cannot quite afford it yet, I am opening up commissions which means you can either get a similar original later down the line or a completely new one (prices will vary depending on the design, size etc)

This collection consists of a number of edited digital versions and also the original versions, these are pieces I have worked on over the last few months.

This is a direction I have wanted to take the business in for a while but never been brave enough to consider it. It wasn't until someone mentioned how cool they thought they were and asked if I sold them that I decided to invest some time into it. 

This kind of vibe will continue into my next collections and product releases and I am hoping you'll stick around to see the adventure! 

See you again soon!

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