Rebecca Honeywell from Honeywell Biscuit Co

A business I have been a keen follower, and a repeat customer for. Rebecca from Honeywell Biscuit Co is one of the loveliest people to speak to and to deal with. The biscuits she creates, alongside her team(!!), are pure genius and taste incredible (trust me, I would know). This woman really is killing it. 

How did you get started?

It actually began with desert tables! I loved seeing beautiful desert tables curated on Pinterest, beautifully styled and full of delicious goodies. I wanted to recreate something like this for my eldest daughter’s Christening. It was a success, and suddenly, friends and family were asking whether I could supply desert tables for their own events.

When I started to think about the logistics, I quickly encountered a few issues with how best to package deserts such as macarons and cupcakes via mail! 

Biscuits, however were the perfect solution with a much longer shelf-life, and the ability to make it safely, even with the heaviest handed couriers!

From that point we perfected our recipe, honed our packaging, and found our own USP with our designs, styling and photography.

What is your favourite thing about running a business?

Being my own boss – flexibility, trusting and following my own instinct.

Who is your inspiration?

That’s so tough! My Dad is a huge inspiration to me – he created his own business, has stuck to his guns and has built success around this.

What is, in your opinion, the most important thing to remember when running a business?

Trusting your instinct, building a good team around you, and keeping track of numbers, which I’m still a bit rubbish at, haha! 

Never sit still – always moving and improving.

What do you consider your biggest business achievement?

We have to be fairly tight lipped, but there’s a photoshoot happening soon which has always been one of my ultimate goals. Very exciting!


Tell us a fact about your business: (this can be how much sellotape you go through, or a funny fact people wouldn’t know - anything!)

I love biscuits so much, we even have a dog called (you guessed it) Biscuit!


What is your favourite product / service you offer?

I think my favourite products at the moment are our jar gift sets! They are so versatile, make really lovely gifts, and stay super fresh. You can shop these here.


What is your number 1 advice for someone thinking of starting a business?

Celebrate what’s unique and different about you as opposed to trying to fit into existing boxes, genres or norms.

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