Love Gemma & Co Update

Hey guys!

I actually managed to keep on track and plan a new blog post (thanks Kate for making sure I actually get stuff done!). I thought I would update you a little about what is going on behind the scenes at Love Gemma & Co. The rebrand has been going well so far, the response has been amazing (and I am finally answering the phone as Love Gemma & Co rather than “Hello GLB no wait Love Gemma & Co”) now.

So what’s been happening here;

Well lock down has been affecting most businesses, but for me, I have found it quite positive (other than my ever increasing anxiety). I have been able to focus on what makes me happy within my business as well as really working hard on what products make me proud. 

I realised that making and sending products every single day was actually making me less productive (as strange as that sounds it really was true!), so I have reduced dispatching down to two days a week, this means I have time to work on creative things like making new products but also on the admin side of running a business which isn’t always as fun but are really important. It does mean that there is a little delay when sending orders out, but honestly no one seems to be worried about that (THANK YOU). 

While in lock down (in fact it was when I shut down the business right at the beginning), I came up with the idea for my wooden portraits which sparked a whole range of products since then. 

If you follow me on Instagram (if not, where have you been, come on, come say hi!) you will have seen our new range of wooden prints that were released recently, and I couldn’t be happier with the response from them. Normally new items don't sell for the first couple of months as they tend to need data behind them but these new prints have been doing so well (thank you AGAIN!).

This week I have been working on **whispers** Christmas items, which is really exciting! Again, Kate has been keeping me so organised and is making sure I have stuff ready for press releases etc in September, eeek! So with that in mind, as the data that is showing people are ALREADY looking for Christmas ideas means that I want to have everything ready as soon as I can. However, don’t worry I won’t be releasing everything in September, but will be releasing some bits on the 100 days mark and then the rest will come at the beginning of October. Here is a very sneak peek of one of the designs (sorry not much of a peek really is it? But everything is very top secret!) - I am focusing on hanging decorations this year, as previous years I have found myself overwhelmed with the potential of new products instead I can just work on the creative design of them!

In other less product based news, our packaging is now 100% recyclable which I am really proud about and all the wood we use within our products is all FSC approved; again something I am really proud to announce. 

I think that is probably everything I have to update you on, for now. Actually one last note; thank you for your continued support of my little business and I cannot wait to show you all the new things we have coming! 

P.s. if you want some film recommendations, every month on social media (the first Monday of every month, so this month will be 7th September) I review a film I have watched (I am obsessed with cinema and film); a great way to get a date night movie idea!

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