Holly Brook from Holly's Lollies

Say hello to the incredibly talented Holly from Holly's Lollies. I am so proud to be able to call Holly a friend and have watched her progress and grow as a business woman. She is a true inspiration to me and one of the best in the business. It helps that she makes the most incredible sweets (and chocolate via The Slabb), but Holly really is killing it at being a small business owner.

How did you get started?

By accident really. I had started making alcoholic lollipops whilst doing a job in marketing straight after university. I wasn’t enjoying my job, and so quit and decided to see if I could turn it into a business. Turns out I could, and very quickly. It was overwhelming but amazing.

What is your favourite thing about running a business?

Freedom and creativity. I get to choose what my work day looks like and whilst often they are stressful, I can choose to go out and grab a coffee and catch up later if I like. I love creating new products and watching them come to life.

Who is your inspiration?

I don’t really have one inspiration, no one inspired me to start my business, but a huge group of other small business owners have encouraged and inspired me to continue the journey

What is, in your opinion, the most important thing to remember when running a business?

Where you came from. I am terrible at taking my own advice but it’s really important to look back and see how far you have come.

What do you consider your biggest business achievement?

I was on TV teaching Kirsty Allsop how to make lollipops? Which I guess is an achievement. We are also now stocked in shops I could only dream of such as Harvey Nichols and Paperchase. But really, like most businesses we have faced some adversity along our journey and so I consider my biggest achievement is that we are still here fighting.

Tell us a fact about your business: (this can be how much sellotape you go through, or a funny fact people wouldn’t know - anything!)

The first lollipops I ever made with alcohol in turned out perfectly, it then took me a further 6 months to get them to work again! Always write down a recipe 😉 Luckily my job was not suited to me at the time so I really focussed on the lollipops.

What is your favourite product / service you offer?

Our wedding lollipops. I have loved them from the beginning. They are just so pretty and unique. You can shop these here.

What is your number 1 advice for someone thinking of starting a business?

Look after yourself! If you aren’t functioning fully, your business won’t be either.

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